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Protect your land with an affordable agricultural drainage system

If land can’t drain properly then it can remain extremely wet for weeks making it difficult for anything to grow or live. Good agricultural drainage is the key to farming success. However, there are laws and regulations controlling drainage. You have to ensure chemicals, such as pesticides, are not washed into rivers or streams along with rain water.

At Fence & Drain we have a long family history in farming and agriculture. So we understand the need for effective and affordable drainage systems to improve and protect your business.

We offer a variety of drainage solutions to suit all ground conditions – from heavy clay to light soil. Even in areas of the country suffering heavy and persistent rainfall we can implement drainage systems that will divert rain water away. We are fully licensed to use a wide range of plant and drainage equipment, and we are health and safety CHAS registered. Our hardworking and experienced team will carryout all work with the minimum of disruption.

With our help you can have agricultural land that is well drained ensuring produce and live stock can flourish – and you can meet all your environmental and regulatory concerns too.

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