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Robust & affordable agricultural fencing

Safe and secure agricultural fencing is a necessity whether it’s to keep livestock in or to keep vermin out. You need a fencing contractor who understands different farming requirements and who can offer a choice of fencing - stock proofing, sub-division or boundary setting – to suit your budget.

At Fence & Drain we have a long family history in farming. So we understand the requirements of farmers and the importance of affordable, quality fencing to help protect your livestock and your business. Plus our hardworking and experienced team will carryout all installation works efficiently and with the minimum of disruption. We only use high quality materials in all our fences and fence posts to help ensure they remain both effective and durable despite weather conditions and daily wear and tear.

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We offer a wide range of fencing systems designed to meet your needs, including:


Post & Rail Fencing Systems

Post and rail fencing provides excellent boundary demarcation or to contain livestock. It’s also a particular effective and safe barrier for horse paddocks. Post and rail fences are both robust and attractive, and work well on uneven ground. It can be installed tanalised or pressure creosoted for weatherproofing. The addition of wire mesh fencing will make it suitable for containing smaller animals.


Stock Fencing

Stock fences vary depending on the type of animals to be contained and the ground conditions. We offer a choice of fencing systems to meet your individual requirements including various post sizes, wire types and stock netting. We have a fencing system to suit any and all types of animals from the usual (cattle, sheep, goats and hens) to the exotic (alpacas and ostriches).


Rabbit Fencing

The rapidly increasing rabbit population has decimated crops across the UK. To protect vulnerable vegetables and plants we recommend a rabbit fence to act as an effective barrier. Badger fencing is also available.


Wire Fencing

We offer a choice of soft or mild-steel wire and high-tensile wire for agricultural purposes. Both are galvanised to help protect against the weather. High-tensile wire is stronger and it copes well with heat expansion and contraction as well as animal pressure. Soft wire is less durable and only suitable for short spans.


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